About Lion-Flex

Lion-Flex is a joint venture of Barenbrug and Keygene. Barenbrug is a world player in grass breeding and grass seed production. KeyGene, a plant research company, has been researching the development of rubber from dandelions for more than ten years. Lion-Flex can build on the plant breeding expertise of both Dutch companies, as well as on the research and production facilities of Barenbrug Research.

In 2008, KeyGene started its first research into promising alternatives to natural rubber. Results showed that the Russian dandelion (Taraxacum kok-saghyz) has the most potential. The research was then broadened to create a hybrid plant with a larger root and higher rubber content. The expertise of Barenbrug was called in for this purpose. Both companies then started research into breeding, harvesting, extraction, and upscaling methods. All these activities have been taking place within the Lion-Flex joint venture since the autumn of 2019.